Why I joined CVI Julia Page

DSC_0639AI’m new to Boise. I moved here three years ago from Gardiner, Montana, a town of 900 people at the north entrance of Yellowstone Park. We had deer and elk in our yards daily. We saw bison and antelope on a regular basis. Bears came through town foraging. Big horn sheep frequented the nearby Gardner River canyon. Wolves and wolf watchers were an important part of our community. That was my home for 30 years.

In Montana I was a grassroots activist and leader on behalf of clean water, clean energy, responsible natural resource development and government that is open and accountable to the people. I also worked to elect conservation minded candidates at local and state levels.

I am in Idaho now and delighted to be here. I no longer live right next to the wild places I love, but the big city brings many other opportunities that I didn’t have before and I’m excited at the chance to again work on behalf of conservation in politics. Idaho has amazing natural resources and I welcome the chance to work through CVI to nurture a political environment that supports leaders willing to stand up for clean air, water and land.

-Julia Page