Week 8 at the Legislature

at the Statehouse (8)

Now that we’re in week eight of the legislative session, there’s plenty of bills and resolutions to keep track of that are moving through the process. 

Here’s some of the legislation we’re watching closely:


SB1078 Voter Guides – This legislation authorizes the Secretary of State to provide a free voter guide ahead of each election. It will have short bios provided by the candidates, as well as information on any initiatives or Constitutional amendments. Currently, Idaho’s voter guide does not include any candidate information. Biased publications take advantage of this by providing their own “guides” to voters. The bill passed the Senate this morning and is on its way over to House State Affairs. It will need a separate appropriations bill to fund the guides. 

SB1051 Outfitters & Guides Liability – This bill brings Idaho law into line with other outdoor recreation states. Outfitters and guides – the folks who take us rafting, hunting, hiking – are not currently protected from frivolous lawsuits. This law would continue to protect participants against any negligence on the part of the guides, but protect the business and employees from being sued for things beyond their control (similar to how it works for skiers at our resorts). This bill passed out of House Resources and is on its way to the House floor for its last vote before the Governor’s desk for signing.

HB111 Election Day, Student Instruction – Schools often double as a polling location on election day. However, as the political climate gets more and more tense, some are choosing to not allow the use of their buildings for polling, as it is a safety concern to have the public and students using the building at the same time. HB111 would allow schools to close for the day and provide virtual learning instead. This bill will go back to committee for some technical corrections. 


SJR101 Constitutional amendment restricting use of ballot initiatives and referenda – The Senate finally voted on SJR 101 Monday morning after several delays. It passed the Senate on a nearly party line vote, with the exception of Senator Schroeder (Republican, District 8) voting NO. We appreciate Sen. Schroeder’s steadfast commitment to Idaho voters. The resolution will next be heard in House State Affairs.

TAKE ACTION: Help us keep this bill from advancing by telling your Representative to vote NO if the bill comes to a floor vote.

HB205 No Excuse Vote by Mail – This legislation would restrict access to absentee voting, requiring anyone who votes by mail to qualify under a narrow set of exemptions. This legislation would make voting extra challenging for thousands of Idahoans, including rural communities, the elderly, working and single parents.

TAKE ACTION: Help us protect the freedom to vote by mail by telling your Representative to Vote NO on HB205. The bill should be heard on the House floor tomorrow, 3/2. 

There are a ton of other bills, resolutions, and everything in between that we’re tracking! Check it all out on our bill tracker and stay tuned for more action items on bills we’re opposing.