Week 6 at the Idaho Legislature

at the Statehouse (6)

It’s been another busy week! While there’s a boatload of bills moving through the Statehouse this week, one is of particular interest. 

SJR101 passed out of Senate State Affairs a couple weeks back. Yesterday, it was amended on the Senate floor. The changes were not in citizens’ favor. SJR101 – a proposed amendment to the Constitution – could open the door to ending the use of the ballot initiative in Idaho. 

The right to bring an initiative or referendum to the ballot is something Idahoans use sparingly, but that has been under attack by the Legislature as long as I’ve been involved with the Statehouse. With SJR101, legislators want to ask the voters whether or not we value our Constitutional Right to bring an initiative or referendum to the ballot. Why ask a question when you already know the answer? 

You can help us kill this bill by contacting your Senator and asking for a NO vote on SJR101. This action is timely – they’ll likely vote later this week. 

We’re tracking dozens of other bills, but devoting all our capacity to stopping SJR101 this week. Check out our bill tracker to learn more.