A strong and resilient democracy is intrinsically intertwined with the fight for our natural resources and our quality of life. CVI is dedicated to protecting access to the ballot box and expanding voting rights of all Idahoans.

At Conservation Voters for Idaho, we’ve begun the important work of empowering our local communities with the launch of a nonpartisan voting rights effort. This program will create infrastructure for a year-round voter rights program dedicated to civic education, engagement, expansion, and protections.

Participating in our democracy is currently a challenge to many Idahoans. We at CVI will work to help Idahoans in underrepresented communities learn about the decision-making process, and cultivate opportunities to participate and contribute to the improvement of one’s neighborhood, community, and state. We believe in order to create a healthy democracy, everyone must have equitable access to the ballot box. While there is no one size fits all solution to our democratic deficits, our commitment is to create a long term, sustainable effort to engage and empower underrepresented communities here in Idaho. The fight for our natural resources and quality of life is intrinsically intertwined with a strong and resilient democracy.