TAKE ACTION: Support State-Issued Voter Guides For All Idahoans

The Idaho Legislature is considering S1273, a bill that would result in a statewide voter guide. This voter guide would provide essential information from candidates about their platforms and their positions on key issues, empowering voters to make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Each candidate would supply their own write-up with the final document compiled and distributed by the Idaho Secretary of State’s office. This comprehensive guide would serve as a neutral, transparent source of reliable information for voters that is delivered conveniently to their doorstep.

This legislation passed out of the Senate on February 26 and will be considered by a committee in the House.

TAKE ACTION: Email your representative and tell them to vote YES on S1273 in support of a voter guide that empowers and informs voters across our state.

Voter Support Across The Political Aisle

There is substantial bipartisan support from constituents on behalf of this legislation. According to the most recent Idaho Public Policy Survey, a statewide voter guide is supported by 78% of Idahoans.

“With a historic election on the horizon, it is imperative that Idaho voters have the necessary tools to make informed choices. It is time for Idaho to produce a comprehensive state voter guide that includes information on candidates. In an era where voters often know their choice for president but remain uncertain about down-ballot races and issues, a state voter guide becomes a crucial tool in fostering an informed electorate.”

-Secretary of State Phil McGrane

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