Transportation directly affects the water we drink and the air we breathe. Conservation Voters for Idaho is working to ensure Idahoans have real transportation choices that are better for our environment and safe for all users.

Whether you are driving, walking, biking or taking public transit, transportation plays a key role in our daily lives. Idaho would benefit from more balanced transportation system, with more options for public transportation, walking and biking.

Many people who currently choose to walk and bike face significant safety hazards. This is especially true of students. Of students who live within one mile of their school, only 35% usually walk or bike. Not only can we make safety a priority but we can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve public health by reducing vehicles miles traveled and development of clean options like transit, bike and walking paths.

Conservation Voters for Idaho is working hard to support a more balanced transportation system to ensure Idaho communities are good places to live, work, learn and play