Building cleaner, safer, and more equitable forms of transportation

By accommodating and encouraging more choices of transportation modes, local governments can reduce spending on transportation infrastructure, contribute to more vibrant streets and a healthier population, become more energy resilient, improve air and water quality, improve job and business accessibility, and reduce traffic congestion.

To achieve a multi-modal transportation system, Conservation Voters for Idaho has focused our work on supporting the utilization of federal grants for public transit and electric school buses, working with elected officials to build electric vehicle infrastructure in Idaho communities, and creating safer bike and pedestrian pathways for all.

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Working with Local Leaders

We not only elect conservation candidates to office who will help build more robust forms of transportation, but we work with local leaders and partner organizations to advance smart transportation policy, such as advancing public transportation funding and expanding bicycle and pedestrian routes. 


We advocate for better transportation systems for Idaho communities. By advancing legislation for smarter electric vehicle infrastructure in new housing units to advocating for electric bus use in our local school districts, CVI is working hard to create safer and cleaner forms of transportation. 

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We make sure federal grants for expanding public transit and electric vehicle infrastructure is well utilized by Idaho communities. 

Priority Campaign

TAKE ACTION: Support electric school buses

Take action to urge President Biden to prioritize clean and healthy buses for our children.

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