Support Subscription Solar: Clean Energy Your Way


Idaho Power recently proposed a new program, called Clean Energy Your Way, for customers to subscribe to a brand new solar energy array located in Idaho.  Customers would pay a little extra each month and get credits on their bill from the energy produced by the solar panels.  This gives customers the chance to support the development of Idaho-based solar projects that creates jobs, invests in our own state, and protects our clean air. 

We are also pleased to see that Idaho Power listened to the recommendations of stakeholders, and has stated that “support is available for low-income customers to participate at no cost.” Given the low costs of renewable energy, we expect that long term this program will return rebates to participants, which will lower their overall power bill. Including low-income residents will help grow the program and support residents who face burdensome energy costs.

TAKE ACTION: Submit a comment to the PUC in support of Idaho Power’s subscription solar program

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission (the government body that oversees Idaho Power) is currently considering whether to allow Idaho Power to move forward with designing this program.
Please submit a comment to the PUC in order to:

  1. Show that there is mass support for this program and hundreds of customers who are eager to enroll, so that the PUC approves the program and Idaho Power expands the program by building more than just one solar array!
  2. Encourage Idaho Power to create a low income program that is robust and allows everyone to participate in supporting clean energy.  

Comments to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) are due by May 12. In your submission, please reference case # IPC-E-21-40.

Note: A group led by Idaho Chapter Sierra Club and Idaho Conservation League is also encouraging comments to support Community Solar. CVI supports this initiative and encourages you to click here to learn more