Jessica Archibald

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Favorite Vegetable: Celery

Favorite Home Conservation Practice: Using mason jars to pack food instead of plastic bags

How has CVI influenced you? CVI has had a huge influence on me. I’ve always been passionate about the environment, but as soon as I began volunteering with CVI, I was shown the true importance of protecting our environment, and was shown how to do so. CVI gave me the tools necessary to take initiative and have a positive impact on our world, and has show me the benefits that come out of doing so. After working with CVI, I have changed my career path, and hope to obtain a degree in environmental studies. I hope for a career in environmental advocacy in the future.

What conservation issue is most important to you? Protecting the Boulder-White Clouds mountain range. They are one of Idaho’s most pristine landscapes, and in protecting this land, we would be preserving the recreation values, clean water, clean air, and wildlife habitats; all important conservation issues within themselves.

Why did you choose to work with CVI? They fight for conservation with passion, and aren’t afraid to stand up for the environment. They rally support for protection of Idaho’s land, serve as a resource of knowledge about current conservation issues, in our state and nationally, and hold elected officials accountable for the bills they support and the actions they do or do not take.

What do you love most about Idaho? I love the accessibility to public lands. In almost every part of Idaho you can travel an hour or less and encounter incredible opens spaces and public lands available for exploring. Idaho has some of the most breathtaking landscapes, many of which are open to the public, giving Idahoans and others amazing opportunities to pursue recreational actives.

Once we destroy a habitat, landscape, or environment, we’re not likely to ever get it back. This is why conservation work is so important to me. We have to protect the environment before it is destroyed, because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Working with CVI has shown me the value in working as an advocate for the environment, and I will always utilize the tools I have learned from CVI in any project I may take on in the future.

NaomiNaomi Shapiro

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Favorite Vegetable: Kale

Favorite Home Conservation Practice: Riding my bike whenever possible

How has CVI influenced you? Working with CVI has helped me to realize how enacting change in environmental policy, although not always easy, is absolutely possible. It has been great to see the whole process of how individuals work to protect the environment.

What are you doing now? As a recent graduate of Boise High School, I plan on spending as much time outside exploring Idaho as possible before attending Westminster College in Salt Lake in the fall.

What do you love most about Idaho? I love how accessible Idaho is. You can paddle board at Quinn’s Pond, hike in the foothills, and go to a concert at the Knitting Factory- all without ever having to be in a car.

Ever since I was little, I have always loved being outdoors. Living in Idaho offers countless opportunities for this pursuit. I have spent my winters skiing at Bogus, and my summers hiking in the Sawtooths and floating the Boise River. It seemed only natural to me that these Idaho wonders should be protected. Working with CVI the past two summers has given me an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals dedicated to preserving these incredible spaces, and to understand some of the efforts being made to do so.

 k-in the mountainsKristin Fitzpatrick

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli

Favorite Home Conservation Practice: Riding my bike to work

What project with CVI made you feel like you had the most impact? 10 Big Ideas to make Boise Greener made me feel like I was making a meaningful impact in the Boise community. It was an awesome event because we collaborated with 9 other non-profits and it summed up what I think when I think about communities. We had over 400 people come to watch Ignite Talks on making Boise a vibrant and sustainable city. I loved seeing how many people care about Boise and want to see Boise grow into a beautiful place. We made conservation sexy that day.

How has CVI influenced you? In a few significant ways. The first was when they offered me an incredible internship opportunity while I was in my last year of college which allowed me to grow professionally and develop my coordination and project management skills. Secondly, my plan was to leave Idaho after I finished my last semester of college but working at CVI reminded me of why so many people come back to live in Idaho and why it’s worth protecting. Before moving back to Boise I lived in Northern California and Seattle and neither of those places offer the easy-access recreational opportunities that Boise and the state of Idaho do. And I’m still here! Last, CVI has introduced me to a whole network of inspirational conservationists, from working on projects with the Idaho Conservation League and other non-profits to attending annual conferences across the country with our state affiliate the League of Conservation Voters and other states.

What do you love most about Idaho? I love the fresh mountainous water! There is nothing I appreciate more than hiking into the Sawtooths and drinking from a fresh creek or spring (after sanitizing of course) I sometimes go visit friends in other states that would never dream of drinking tap water and I always think to myself how lucky we are that we can.

Rob Sepich

Rob Sepich

Hometown: Gresham, Oregon

Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli

Favorite Home Conservation Practice: Recycling EVERYTHING!

How has CVI influenced you? I was always a conservation-minded person, but it was not until my internship at CVI that I learned how conservation and politics are not mutually exclusive. CVI showed me that execution, practical application, and solid leadership can really make a difference in the world. I was the first intern in CVI’s history, and we were able to make a huge impact on the policies in this state by reaching out to the people and highlighting the reasons why we all live in this beautiful state. It was great to see that projects I worked on as a junior in college came to fruition after I had graduated, and all the hard work we had put in really did create change.

What conservation issue is most important to you? I have always loved getting lost in nature, and it saddens me that future generations will not get the opportunity to share in the wealth of this amazing area as we have been able to. Feeling like you are the first person to ever step foot on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake takes you away from the daily grind of work and constant contact with technology. If we as Idahoans lose places to get out and do some fishing and connect with the world around us, we will truly have lost a part of ourselves forever.

Why did you choose to work with CVI?  CVI takes a stance to protect our home, in the name of all. Our advocacy makes a place for all individuals to enjoy natures, whether they hunt, fish, mountain bike, hike, or anything in between. CVI encourages utilizing our inalienable rights to preserve the things that we most enjoy about this beautiful state, and preserve them in a way that all might be able to enjoy for centuries to come.

What do you love most about Idaho? I love how connected everyone here is to nature. Having lived here for a few years, I still hear on a daily basis of a new fishing hole or hike that I just have to go try out. So long as we protect these gems, we can have these wild places to escape to Idaho has no lack of outdoorsy people to enjoy the scenery with!

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