Ryan McGoldrick

Program Director




As CVI’s Program Director, Ryan works to advance initiatives within our energy, climate, transportation, and toxics programs by advocating for ambitious, equitable, and achievable policies.

My Story

I’m a conservation voter because I believe the next generation deserves to have the same opportunities to experience the outdoors that I had. I spent my childhood exploring the hills and streams around my grandparents’ home in Orofino, building forts and picking berries in fields behind my home in Oregon, and hiking throughout the wild spaces across the West. 

I have two young kids, and I want them to have the same opportunities to grow up loving the outdoors that I had. There is nothing I love more than seeing how excited they get when they spot a wild animal, find a little bug, or pick up a plain grey rock to add to the home collection of identical plain grey rocks. 

I work to ensure his future includes not just those opportunities to explore the outdoors, but the ability to breath clean air, drink clean water, and have plenty of open space to roam. Every member of his generation, and those following, deserve that future and it’s our responsibility to provide it. 


My professional experience is broad, and includes trail maintenance in Oregon, helping local entrepreneurs distribute environmentally conscious products in Guatemala, working the night shift at a grain mill in Eastern Washington, and managing an AmeriCorps across Oregon. Most recently, I served at CVI as a Legislative Assistant, Voter Outreach Specialist, and Communications Fellow.

  • Gonzaga University: Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies.
  • Boise State University: Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Environmental, Natural Resource, and Energy Policy and Administration.


Hiking, biking, camping, reading, playing basketball, rock collecting, and spending time with my wife, daughter, son, and dog.