Voter Outreach Specialist




As a Voter Outreach Specialist, Robert helps advocate for conservation champions during elections by texting and engaging in conversations with voters and members of the public in order to defend Idaho’s public lands, and promote clean energy and water throughout our wonderful state.

My story

I was born and raised in Boise and the Idaho outdoors have always been a second home to me. My father instilled a deep passion for hunting, fishing, camping, and just about every other form of outdoor recreation. With them came a deep commitment to the conservation principles that govern one’s behavior when engaging in those activities. Now that my father has passed, I only feel a deeper connection and passion for the beautiful wilderness that we are so lucky to have in such abundance. It is more critical than ever that we act to both maintain and expand the protections which have gone so far to protect the outdoors as a sanctuary for every person in Idaho.

That’s why I joined Conservation Voters for Idaho. We have an amazing opportunity to work to not just preserve the natural world around us but to promote and model new methods of conservation which can have influences across the globe. As a Political Science major, I bring my knowledge and fascination with politics to help us achieve our goals however we can. Whether it be through voter outreach, contacting lawmakers, or any other method that can help achieve CVI’s mission, I am ready and excited to undertake it so that I can do my part in our communal duty to the natural world around us.


  • Boise State University: Political Science Major


Hunting, fishing, cooking, reading, watching films