Luca Amador

Voter Outreach Specialist




As a Voter Outreach Specialist, Luca helps advocate for conservation champions during elections by texting and engaging in conversations with voters and members of the public in order to defend Idaho’s public lands, and promote clean energy and water throughout our wonderful state.

My story

I’m a conservation voter because I believe all people deserve to share in both the enjoyment and preservation of the only planet we have.

I grew up straddling both the rolling hills of California’s North Bay and the high desert of Idaho’s treasure valley, the journey between which has become something of a family pilgrimage. I was lucky enough to experience the plentiful beaches, redwood forests, mountains, alpine lakes, and rivers the Pacific Northwest has to offer. From a young age it was clear that I loved the outdoors; my parents always said they could take me to a creek or the beach and I would be completely engrossed in studying the rocks and plants for hours. I developed a passion for protecting the natural environment at a young age through my participation in Girl Scouts and learning about climate change in school. 

In my role as Chair of the Marin County Youth Commission I worked to increase access to organic produce in public schools, ban the use of plastic straws, and promote public transit and affordable housing. In college, my studies in politics and environmental studies have only furthered my passion and belief in our capacity to grow more sustainably in the 21st century, to protect the future of the environment and those who will inherit it.


  • Mount Holyoke College: Politics and Environmental Studies Major


Swimming, climbing, reading, writing, filmmaking, community organizing, constitutional law