Elaine Zabriskie

Voter Outreach Specialist




As a Voter Outreach Specialist, Elaine helps advocate for conservation champions during elections by texting and engaging in conversations with voters and members of the public in order to defend Idaho’s public lands, and promote clean energy and water throughout our wonderful state.

My story

As a lifelong Idahoan who grew up between Moscow and Orofino, my childhood was defined by the time I spent outdoors. At home, I “gardened” in the mud pit that my parents seemed strangely delighted to let me play in. At my grandparents’ house, I spent hours in the forests, playing with my brother, dodging the two cows, napping against a tree when I was tired, eating straight from my grandad’s garden when I was hungry.

My family’s prioritization of nature inspired a lifetime of outdoor exploration and education for me. I went from playing outside, to gardening, to researching sustainability and restoration methods, and eventually working for several years as a landscape designer.

Then came a pandemic. Feeling a need to invest in my community more than I could in my professional field, I joined AmeriCorps. During my year of service, I worked with the Idaho Department of Labor to expand access to apprenticeship access for underrepresented and underserved people across the State of Idaho. Later, I put my creative skills to work writing and illustrating a children’s book to teach kids about apprenticeships, because every child deserves a path to achieve their dreams.

I am now thrilled to get back to my environmental roots while still empowering my community, this time to protect what’s most important for all future generations: our shared natural lands.


  • University of Idaho: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
  • University of Idaho Urban Design Center: Master of Landscape Architecture


Vegan cooking, writing in nature, writing about nature, petting my silly doggo