Andrew Kowalewski

Voter Outreach Specialist




As a Voter Outreach Specialist, Andrew helps advocate for conservation champions during elections by texting and engaging in conversations with voters and members of the public in order to defend Idaho’s public lands, and promote clean energy and water throughout our wonderful state.

My story

I was born prematurely in Vancouver, B.C. I’ve lived in Minnesota, Tennessee, California, and Idaho over the years, wandering around what I think is the most spectacular continent on Earth, and absorbing its history and gifts. In trying to find ambition over the years I ultimately came across every reason to preserve North America’s beauty, resources,and its history, some of which is still being actively dismissed and forgotten.

When I’m not looking back with the incredible contemporary lens we’ve been afforded, I see an opportunity in Idaho’s integration in a national passenger railroad network, to become a cultural hub and a nexus of commerce in the Pacific Northwest.

I cannot be more grateful to be living in a state with so much potential, surrounded by the greatest people in such an important organization like CVI. This gang sees what matters and they’re willing to put in the work. 


  • Associate degrees in History and Liberal Arts from College of Western Idaho
  • Currently double majoring in History and Narrative Arts with a minor in Philosophy at Boise State University


Reading, writing, gaming, loving, hiking, chess, mythology, adventuring in the Spirit World, talking Plato, arts and crafts of all sorts, kickin it with the young’ns of the fam, talking to myself, making sacrifices, listening to music and singing along. And generally playing along.