Safe food for Idaho

As Idahoans, we are proud to have a company like Albertson’s headquartered in our state.

Yet as Idahoans, we also take our health and our family’s health very seriously. That’s why Conservation Voters for Idaho is encouraging Albertsons to develop public safer chemicals policy.

What does that mean? It means CVI is encouraging Albertsons to eliminate the dangerous chemical Bisphenol A, or BPA. Currently, some of the products sold by Albertsons contains BPA. Earlier this year, CVI sent three cans of food purchased at Albertsons to a non-profit for testing. One of the three came back positive for BPA. BPA is used to make polycarbonate plastics, which are commonly used in consumer products including baby bottles, sippy cups, and reusable water bottles. Epoxy resins used to coat metal food and beverage cans, including beer and soda cans, are another major use of BPA.

The FDA and the National Institutes of Health state that the primary exposure source for most people is food and beverages contaminated with BPA.

BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical that mimics estrogen, the female sex hormone essential for the development and function of reproductive organs. BPA may also interfere with thyroid hormone, which is important for development of the brain and nervous system. Researchers have linked interference with the action of natural hormones to harmful health effects.

The news is not all bad. National grocery chains have been removing BPA from their food products for the past several years. And Albertsons, even without a public safer chemicals policy, has been reducing the number of food products with BPA during that time. But we know Albertsons could do better.

For instance, Costco now physically tests children’s and adult apparel, bedding, home goods, but beds, furniture, personal care products, cleaning products, food packaging, baby wipes and diapers against a list of 300 chemicals of concern.

As an Idaho company, Albertsons knows the people who live here appreciate leadership on important issues. Idahoans appreciate it when people and companies do the right thing. We are also loyal to the people and companies who come from the Gem State.

That’s why we are eager to work together with Albertsons to make it a leader on this topic.

But to encourage Albertsons to take the lead, we’re going to need your help. Fill out this postcard and we will deliver them to Albertsons headquarters. We are going to help Idaho’s home-state grocery chain get BPA out of its food products.