Developing renewable energy is in our nation’s best interest and Conservation Voters for Idaho is dedicated to promoting the use and development of clean, renewable energy sources.

Solar panels with wind turbines and electricity pylon at sunset.

For too long, our country has relied on dirty fossil fuels to power our lives. We know that while they pollute our communities, they increase our dependence on foreign economies. The technology to turn off these energy sources already exists and clean energy costs are now competitive with fossil fuels. The barriers to a clean energy future are no longer technical or economic, they’re institutional.

Idaho has a very high capacity for clean and local energy production, though due to lacking investment, regulatory barriers, and lack of political will they have not been fully developed. A Clean Energy For All Campaign in Idaho is a bipartisan effort to remove those barriers, elevate clean energy in elections, get more clean and local energy on the grid, support electric vehicles and the associated infrastructure, and create a strong base of support for clean energy throughout the state.
This campaign will move Idaho towards a renewable energy future that brings jobs and grows the economy, facilitates Idahoans taking back the power to choose clean energy solutions and zero emissions vehicles, and creates resiliency and energy security.

Clean Energy Issues

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