TAKE ACTION: Support Outdoor Recreation Funding for Idaho State Parks

On March 30, 2023, Governor Little signed S1196 into law, allocating a record $100 million to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation for projects in our state parks. This one-time funding will help address maintenance, expansion, and future conservation, but there is still more that needs to be done. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is asking for an additional $20 million to address the last of maintenance backlogs in our state parks and expand existing facilities to keep up with Idaho’s growth. 

TAKE ACTION: Show your support for outdoor recreation funding for Idaho’s state parks by contacting your representative through an action tool below.

CVI has identified three legislators on the JFAC committee (which determines state budgets) that are most likely to ensure this funding passes through the statehouse. As a constituent in one of these districts, we need YOUR voice to let them know that Idahoans value our state parks.


Did your legislators support outdoor recreation funding in 2023?

View the lists below from the Idahoans For Public Lands coalition to see how your lawmakers voted in 2023 for outdoor recreation funding. Are any of your representatives names in red? Reach out and share your concerns!
Find other legislator’s contact information here.