Recapping the 2022 Idaho Primary Election

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This year’s primary election was one for the books. This year’s primary election was our chance to advance conservation candidates to the general and bring back common sense decision making…and we did just that. 

Conservation Voters for Idaho worked ahead of the election to contact over 125,000 Idaho voters on behalf of our candidates, including well over 15,000 doors – ultimately securing several important victories for Idaho values.

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There were many celebrations to be had from this election, including the defeat of several extremist candidates in favor of common sense candidates, such as Representative Matt Bundy, Representative Laurie Lickley, newcomer James Petzke, and many more. In total, our coalition secured 30 legislative and 5 top-of-ticket nominees for the Republican ballot, leaders who will represent and uplift Idaho’s values for public lands and democratic rights. 

Read the full analysis of our wins in the primary at our 2022 Primary Election Results.

It is thanks to Idaho voters like you that we continue to be successful in shaping Idaho’s political environment to protect our natural environment. Around 33% of eligible voters turned out on May 17 to cast a ballot, one of the highest voter turnouts since the 1990s. Regardless of party affiliation, it’s been made clear time and time again that Idahoans value their natural environment, and with the help of voters like you, and lawmakers like the ones chosen on May 17th, we will continue to uplift our environment with impactful conservation policy.