How We Gained 4,000 Public Lands Supporters Across Idaho

Idahoans proved, once again, that they will not sit idly by while legislators side with special interests to try and takeover our public lands. Although the conservation community was dealt some tough blows this legislative session, Idahoans stood up and spoke out to protect our outdoor traditions.

This session, 90 CVI–volunteers got on the phones to do the tough, grassroots work it takes to make a difference. Hundreds of hours and 14,000 dials later, volunteers recruited 455 people to call and urge their representative to vote against a public lands takeover, organized 300 people to show up when out of state attorney George Wentz tried to sell legislators on a takeover agenda, and have built our public lands coalition to over 4,000 activist all over Idaho who are now ready to take action.

If public lands takeover proponents aren’t worried yet, they should be. With the help of volunteers and the thousands of activists all over the state, we will continue to fight and defend the birthright of Idahoans to access our wild, rugged places for as long as we have to. Getting on the phones and engaging in grassroots politics is not always easy, so a huge thank-you to all of you who volunteered your time or took action. Together, we will keep public lands in public hands now and for future generations!

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