Land and Water

Protecting Idaho's land and water for future generations

Idaho’s vast outdoor spaces are not only used by recreationists and sportsmen, but by the grazing and timber industries. Our land is an integral piece of Idaho’s economy. Stewardship of public lands and rivers is a team effort, and takes collaboration, dedication, and long-term strategy.

Man holding up protest signs "Public lands for public hands." "Don't mess with my public lands."
Keeping public lands in public hands

Idaho is nearly two-thirds public land and belongs to all Americans. Every year, anti-public land advocates try to seize control of our shared resources in order to sell them off to the highest bidder. We need your help to ensure public lands remain in public hands.

Two bowhunters sit in a canyon
Protect and expand public land access

CVI is committed to ensuring Idahoans’ access to public and state land is protected and expanded. We work with partners in this space to ensure landowners, agencies, and recreationists have the tools they need to both navigate our landscapes and resolve disputes or obstacles to access.

Woman overlooking canyon.
Protect land and water

CVI works with local, state, and federal elected officials to protect open space, wildlife habitat, and public land across the state. From the adoption of the successful Boise Foothills levy and the passage of the federal Great American Outdoors Act to the Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness designation, we’re working to protect Idaho’s land and water.

Priority Campaign

Keep public lands in public hands

Urge local and state lawmakers to keep our public lands in public hands. 

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