Privatizing Idaho? No thanks!

Let’s be clear, CVI supports collaborative efforts to protect Idaho’s public lands. We oppose all efforts for the state to takeover ownership or management of federally protected lands.

One of the many things that makes Idaho great is the places and spaces that we escape to hunt, fish, recreate, or enjoy solitude among the fresh streams and wildlife. If we allow the state to sell of our land to the highest bidders we loose what makes Idaho a remarkable place to live.

Last year Idahoans won the fight to keep out public lands public but the fight is far from over. In the upcoming 2016 legislative session we will be fighting against the same attorneys and special interest groups outside of Idaho that would like to see Idaho privatized.

That’s why we will be in the statehouse everyday determined to keep Idaho’s public lands public. But we can’t do it without you.We need your help so that we can have a significant presence at the Legislature.

Join thousands of Idahoans in making a contribution today so that CVI can represent your conservation values and make public lands a priority during the legislative session. Click here >>

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