Conservation & democracy win in Idaho’s elections

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Idaho voters take to the polls to elect pro-conservation candidates

On November 8, 2022, Idaho voters turned out to the polls to elect 26 pro-conservation candidates to county and state legislative offices across the state. These wins, following the redrawing of Idaho’s political boundaries, led to a significant transformation in the statehouse and ultimately resulted in a nearly 50% turnover of our representation. 

“Idahoans once again stood up for the natural environment at the polls, electing candidates that ran on pro-conservation platforms and demonstrated commitment to our land, water, and air for future generations,” said Conservation Voters for Idaho (CVI) Executive Director, Rialin Flores.

Three of these wins — State Senate in District 15 and District 29, and Idaho Secretary of State — show voters upholding Idaho values, and strengthen CVI’s efforts to protect Idaho’s natural resources and safeguard our state’s elections process. 

The seat in District 15 has historically been very contentious; it was won by only six votes in 2018. Just, an endorsed CVI candidate, has an extensive resume in conservation, including previous roles with the Department of Parks & Recreation and Friends of Idaho State Parks. 

“His knowledge and expertise on land use and open space will be a significant asset in the Senate,” said Flores. 

In District 29, Rep. James Ruchti won his bid for the Senate seat by 1,185 votes over opponent David Worley. 

“Ruchti has demonstrated his commitment to our public lands and waters by consistently voting to keep Idaho’s water resources clean and usable, and protecting public access to Idaho lands for hiking, fishing and hunting,” said Flores. 

Newly-elected Secretary of State Phil McGrane, who CVI endorsed in the May primary, secured more votes than any other candidate statewide. McGrane won by 257,587 votes over candidate Shawn Keenan. 

“McGrane’s commitment to transparency and maintaining our safe and secure electoral process is crucial to our state’s democracy. We are confident Idaho’s elections will remain fair, secure, and accessible under McGrane’s leadership,” said Flores.

McGrane currently serves as Ada County’s County Clerk. In this role he was expanded early voting efforts — making it more accessible for voters across the county. 

The full list of CVI-endorsed candidates that secured victories in the 2022 General Election can be found on their website here. 

About Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund

Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund is the political arm of Conservation Voters for Idaho and works to elect conservation champions at the city, county and state levels to protect Idaho’s air, land, wildlife and water. We leverage our political power to elect public officials who value conservation, regardless of their party affiliation. Our funding comes from people who care about the environment and our natural heritage.