PRESS RELEASE: Conservation wins in Idaho’s municipal elections


Idaho voters take to the polls to elect pro-conservation candidates

Yesterday, Idaho voters turned out to the polls to elect 12 pro-conservation candidates in local races across the state. Voters have overwhelmingly shown their support for these candidates who ran on the platform of protecting our clean air and water, our parks, trails, farmland and open space. 

“Idahoans keep voting for candidates who will protect what makes Idaho and their local communities such a great place to live, work and raise their families,” said Rialin Flores, executive director of the organization. 

Conservation Voters for Idaho, a statewide nonpartisan organization working to elect conservation candidates to office, conducted electoral work in support of their 15 endorsed candidates in the 2021 Municipal Election. All endorsed candidates go through a rigorous endorsement process that evaluates each candidate’s conservation values on growth, clean energy, outdoor access, open space and more. 

“We were heartened to see voters in key races reject negative ads and campaign materials that attempted to propagate misinformation,” said CVI Board Chair Mike Lanza. “Idaho voters demonstrated that they value honesty and integrity from candidates.”

The following endorsed candidates won their respective races:

Boise City Council- District 3Lisa Sanchez
Boise City Council- District 5Holli Woodings
Bellevue City CouncilKathryn Goldman
Bellevue City CouncilChris Johnson
Hailey City Council, Seat 1Heidi Husbands
Hailey City Council, Seat 2Kaz Thea
Idaho Falls City Council, Seat 4Jim Francis
Idaho Falls City Council, Seat 6Jim Freeman
Idaho Falls MayorRebecca Casper
Ketchum City CouncilAmanda Breen
Ketchum City CouncilCourtney Hamilton
Pocatello City Council, Seat 5Linda Leeuwrik

Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund mobilized voters in support of their endorsed candidates. With the encouragement and support from our 17,000 members, Conservation Voters for Idaho ensured conservation remained at the top of Idahoans’ priorities for the 2021 municipal election.

“We talk to Idahoans from across the state every day. There’s no doubt that population growth – and the pressures that those bring – are some of their top concerns,” said Flores. “Voters continue to want to see their local officials work toward protecting open space and outdoor access, curbing sprawl and traffic congestion and keeping our air and water clean.”

About Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund

Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund is the political arm of Conservation Voters for Idaho and works to elect conservation champions at the city, county and state levels to protect Idaho’s air, land, wildlife and water. We leverage our political power to elect public officials who value conservation, regardless of their party affiliation. Our funding comes from people who care about the environment and our natural heritage.