PRESS RELEASE: “An investment in Boise’s future”: CVI responds to Boise mayoral candidate’s statement on climate action

Masterson Idaho Statesman Article

Statement from CVI’s Executive Director Rialin Flores:

According to a recent statement in the Idaho Statesman, Boise mayoral candidate Mike Masterson wants to slow down Boise’s progress on climate and clean energy at a time when we have seen record high temperatures, dwindling water resources, and worsening air quality. 

Bold action is necessary to meet the immediate challenges of climate change and is the fiscally responsible decision. Climate action is an investment in Boise’s future. The City of Boise’s climate strategy is lowering energy bills and creating jobs in cleantech and clean energy, as well as improving our tree canopy and creating more livable communities. 

Climate action is not just about electric vehicles. It is about ensuring Boise continues to be a city where folks can live, work and raise their families. It is about housing, energy, food systems, jobs, transportation, waste management, water renewal, and public health and safety. 

Our current city leaders are addressing these issues through innovative and collaborative solutions with partners like Idaho Power, Micron and the Idaho National Laboratory– encouraging Idaho innovation to create resiliency for our community.

Masterson’s criticism of McLean’s leadership on climate action suggests that he is out of touch with our communities values, the impacts of our changing climate and most importantly the will of Boise residents who time and time again have voted to protect our environment and quality of life.

Conservation Voters for Idaho rejects any call to be less ambitious in addressing Boise’s public health, safety, sustainability, and economic success.