Join us in thanking Mayor McLean for Protecting Boise's Open Spaces

To celebrate the work Mayor Lauren McLean has done protecting Boise’s parks and open spaces, CVI is hosting a series of park parties in neighborhoods across Boise.

Protecting Our Parks

With over 100 local parks, Mayor McLean has fought to ensure Boise’s parks have protections so that every Boisean has a place to go to safely enjoy the outdoors.

Public Transit

Mayor McLean has supported
federal initiatives to get more
mass transportation in the Treasure Valley, including leading the effort to reconnect the Intermountain
West with passenger rail.

Affordable Housing

Mayor McLean has led efforts
to protect affordable housing
options in Boise by changing
zoning code and joining federal housing initiatives to help address homelessness.

Open Space

As Boise grows, Mayor McLean knows the value of our open spaces. As Mayor, she has balanced the need
to protect our natural environment with developing long-term strategies for open spaces.

Why are we celebrating Mayor McLean's work?

Mayor Lauren McLean has been a champion protecting Boise’s parks and open spaces since she established the Foothills Open Space Levy campaign in 2001 — protecting thousands of acres in the foothills for future generations. She also has been steadily working toward her goal of making sure every family is within a 10 minute walk of a park. These programs help protect Boise’s open spaces for generations to come, regardless of the priorities of future Boise mayors. 

Most recently, Mayor McLean added additional protections to 51 parks and open spaces across Boise. 

CVI is still finalizing the details of our park parties! Please RSVP below to receive information about the park parties in the next two weeks.