Our Mission

The environment is our issue.

Conservation Voters for Idaho protects Idaho’s quality of life by electing pro-conservation candidates, advocating for sound environmental policies, and holding politicians accountable for their votes on conservation issues.

We create the political environment to protect our natural environment.

Ask any Idahoan what it means to live in our great state and you will understand the pride we all share in our natural heritage. Living in Idaho means camping trips to the woods, having clean air and water for our families, time with friends on a hunting trip, skiing at area resorts, biking and hiking in our state parks, and countless other ways to enjoy the outdoors. These experiences connect us and make the Idaho way of life unique.

Mountains with river below

Conservation Voters for Idaho understands that safeguarding our water, air and natural places protects what it means to be an Idahoan. We all rely on our elected officials to make decisions that preserve the Idaho way of life. Our economy, the health of our families, and our treasured way of life cannot be sustained without sound investments and smart policies.

CVI staff

Conservation Voters for Idaho is a statewide bipartisan organization that:

  • Provides independent information to voters
  • Advocates for sound environmental policies
  • Holds elected officials accountable for their votes
  • Elects candidates to public office who will protect Idaho’s clean air and water, natural places, wildlife and human health

Idaho is changing and now is the time to come together as community members and elected officials to ensure a healthy, prosperous future for our families.