Open Space and Clean Water Levy Funds at Work in Boise!

Conservation Voters for Idaho is delighted to share some exciting news. You may remember that in 2015, and then again in 2017, CVI asked for your vote in favor of Boise’s Open Space and Clean Water Levy. CVI and our supporters, members, and volunteers launched a broad campaign in support of this measure, and it paid off: the thoughtful citizens of Boise overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Levy. The result sent a bold statement to our decision makers: the people of Boise strongly support land conservation and open space in our city.

But what happened after that? It’s been a little while since the levy has made news, but the City of Boise has come forward with an exciting announcement. The Department of Parks and Recreation announced the first acquisition of land with the 2015 levy funds. The parcel, which nears eight acres, adds to the existing Hillside to Hollow preserve, a favorite of dog walkers, bird watchers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts. Nestled between the city and the foothills, the expansion will bring more opportunities to get outside close to home. The arrangement was also made possible by the current owners of the parcel, Healthwise, a local nonprofit that has long supported open space in Boise.

The resolution to move forward with the purchase was approved by the Boise City Council at their February 26 meeting. From there, the city will carry out the purchasing process and will pursue plans for installing trailhead information signs and a new bathroom on the parcel.

It’s not everyday that acres of land are set aside for public use and enjoyment, and CVI celebrates this announcement. It’s also a great time to reflect on the effort our extended team of partners, members, and volunteers put into the Levy campaign. We couldn’t do it without you! You can read more and see a map of the parcel on the City of Boise’s website.