October Clean Energy News


CVI’s 2022 General Election Endorsements

Idaho’s 2022 election will have far ranging impacts on our state’s clean energy landscape. Here’s the breakdown of what some of our most pressing concerns are:

  • With a nearly 50% turnover rate at the Statehouse, our new legislators could either help Idaho’s economy benefit from the clean energy boom or support out of state fossil fuel interests that are standing in our way. 
  • If we don’t stop SJR102, legislators could call themselves into session at any time to waste $30k taxpayer dollars a day and dodge public input. 
  • In Ada County, wins by Gold and Goldthorpe could create a strong ACHD commission that values multimodal transportation and clean air. 

Click here to find out who CVI has endorsed in 2022 and please reach out to us if you have any questions about candidates, the implications of different races, or are interested in volunteering with us for our critical Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort!

Bipartisan Progress

CVI endorses candidates on both sides of the aisle, in part because advancing clean energy priorities in Idaho requires bipartisan support. Clean energy makes sense for Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike, and we are dedicated to showing how this transition will benefit all Idahoans. In the last few years, we have seen this theory of change pay off. 

Last month, Governor Little signed a declaration for National Clean Energy Week and hosted an event in Island Park to celebrate the ChargeWest initiative. In the latest legislative session, CVI worked with legislators from both parties to pass a bipartisan bill to incentivize electric school buses. 

If we see a few key wins in November, we’ll be well on our way to accelerating this bipartisan transition to clean energy. This is why we are encouraging each and every one of you to make a plan to vote by November 8. We need the help of every conservation voter to secure these wins and bring about a political environment that will strengthen our state’s position as a clean energy leader. If you have any questions about the voting process, check out our Voting Resources

Energy Efficiency Codes

As discussed in the September Clean Energy News, we are once again seeing attacks on Idaho’s Energy Efficiency Codes. If you are interested in submitting written comments to the Building Code Board in support of protecting our Codes, please email Program Coordinator Ryan McGoldrick. The voices of Idaho homeowners are crucial in protecting our communities’ energy standards, not just for cost-reduction but for safety and longevity of the structures our families live and work in. Learn more about this issue here and here

2023 Boards & Commissions Fellowship Accepting Applications

Our elected officials are not the only decision makers that impact our clean energy future. There are hundreds of Boards and Commissions in Idaho that often make quiet decisions with significant climate impacts. Unfortunately, these groups often fail to represent all communities with their leadership; women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented identities are often left out of the decision making processes of their communities. Our Boards & Commissions program helps elevate these voices into local leadership through education, hands-on learning, and mentorship. If you identify with an underrepresented community in Idaho, sign up for our 2023 Boards & Commissions Fellowship. Applications are open through October 31st. 

Climate Action in Moscow, ID

We are excited to share that Moscow officially adopted their Climate Action Plan on October 3rd. Thank you to the Moscow staff, City Council, Sustainable Environment Committee, and Climate Action Working Group for creating this path to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. 

The students of Moscow also deserve congratulations and a huge thank you for encouraging their elected officials to keep moving forward. Led by Climate Justice League leaders Ian Schlater and Audrey Pollard, Moscow students organized the annual Youth Rally for Climate Action to help encourage climate action. 

Salmon and Clean Energy

The four Lower Snake River Dams have played a large role in decimating salmon populations, so Northwest Tribes like the Nez Perce have taken the lead in producing clean energy to replace the current production of the dams. Click here to learn more about what the Nimiipuu People, along with tribal nations throughout North America, are doing to advance clean energy. You can also check out a video by Nimiipuu Energy here. 

Other News and Notes

Idaho’s NEVI funding plan was approved.

The Blue Green Alliance released their resources and user guide for the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The Nature Conservancy released The Power of Place – West report. 

Boise has another round of Zoning Code Rewrite public meetings (scroll to upcoming events)