Meet our newest member

Conservation Voters for Idaho is happy to introduce Josh Hayes-Fugal.

While growing up in Meridian, Josh frequently enjoyed camping trips on Idaho’s public lands with family and friends. Some of his best childhood memories involve hiking, camping, and stargazing in the breathtaking wilderness areas of our state.

Josh is a Boise State University grad with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Anthropology. His professional experience includes an internship with Better Idaho, working as a staffer in the Idaho State Senate and as an administrative specialist in the Boise Mayor’s Office. While Josh learned a great deal from his time in the public sector, he is thrilled about the opportunity to follow his passions in the nonprofit/advocacy arena.

Josh is passionate about sustainability and community engagement. He does what he can to opt for sustainable choices in his own consumption and transportation, and believes strongly in making sustainable choices accessible for all. He is excited to work for an organization that is dedicated to those values, and hopes that his own abilities might make a meaningful contribution to CVI’s important work. As Administrative Associate, Josh will work to ensure that the CVI office functions smoothly and efficiently, and will amplify the efforts of the staff to achieve our shared goals.