June Land and Water News

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Happy Anniversary to the Antiquities Act! 116 Years of Protecting Our Public Lands.

116 years ago on June 8th, President Teddy Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act, a crucial conservation law giving presidential authority to protect cultural sites and natural resources. Originally used mostly in the Southwest, the Antiquities Act has now protected special places around the country, from Acadia National Park in Maine to our own Craters of the Moon National Monument. Because their designations are separate from a wilderness area or a national park, places conserved by the Antiquities Act do not need Congressional confirmation. Since its signing, 17 presidents have designated 158 national monuments, all of which hold significant cultural and historical value. Conservation takes many forms, and we’re grateful for the protection of these places in Idaho that contribute so much to our state’s unique identity.

Open Space – How’d We Get So Lucky? 

Part of what makes Boise one of the most popular towns nationwide to live in is our abundance of open space. And that popularity is well-earned; residents can walk, bike, or drive for just a few minutes in practically any direction and voila – there’s a trailhead, or a park, or a riverside walking path.

We can’t stop growth, but we can protect open space for all residents to enjoy. The Foothills Levy, which can be used to acquire parcels, scenic, trail and conservation easements and to complete projects like trailheads, is a crucial tool for retaining dwindling undeveloped land. 

When conservation issues come up on the ballot, CVI is quick to step up to bat in defense of our natural spaces, particularly in urban environments where green spaces can be few and far between. Read a recap of our work on the 2015 open space levy campaign. All open space levies have passed with plenty of room to spare, a clear indication that Boiseans value access to the land.

Know Before You Go! Be Prepared for Summer Adventures! 

Summer is here! Camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking…the “get outside” season is in full swing. Your outdoor adventure will be more fun if you’re prepared. No matter what kind of outing you’re going on, have a plan. Let folks know where you’ll be, for how long, and who you’re with. Bring enough food, water, and shelter for everyone in the group plus some. Have a checklist for supplies and gear. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road. Being prepared not only makes for more fun, it’s safer. The Idaho backcountry can be a very serious place; take it seriously. 

Along those lines, fire season has arrived as well. Be aware of burn bans. Make sure trailer chains aren’t dragging and don’t drive on dry grass. A single spark can ignite something that decimates an entire forest. Most wildfires on public land are human caused – don’t be that cause. 

Here are ten tips to prevent starting a wildfire and a list of know before you go tips from the Bureau of Land Management.