Our Vote

Building a conservation voter movement.

A strong and resilient democracy is intrinsically connected with the fight for protecting our natural resources and quality of life. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to our democratic deficits, our commitment is to create a long term, sustainable effort to engage and empower Idahoans across the state in the civic act of voting and serving their community.

Protecting your right to vote

We’re dedicated to protecting your access to the ballot box and expanding the rights of all Idahoans to make their voice heard come election time. 

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CVI staffer talking to two high school students about voting
Providing voter resources

With our year-round nonpartisan civic engagment program, we work to ensure that every Idahoan has the resources they need to cast their vote. 

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Group of Conservation Voters for Idaho boards and commissions fellows
Supporting tomorrow's leaders

Our new Boards and Commissions Fellowship Program trains and develops community leaders who want to serve on Idaho’s boards and commissions. 

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Voting and Boards and Commissions News

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