Conservation Priorities for the 2018 Idaho Legislative Session

Transportation: We support a balanced transportation system that includes funding for transit, biking and walking – especially Safe Routes to School. We oppose the current unsustainable approach to expanding roadways and encouraging sprawl.

Public Lands: We support collaborative efforts to protect Idaho’s public lands. We oppose all efforts for the state to takeover ownership or management of federally protected lands.

Energy: We support energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy sources. We need to both further incentivize and remove barriers to lessen Idaho’s reliance on coal power in order to combat climate change.

Chemical Policy Reform: We support disclosure and removal of toxic chemicals in consumer products. Toxic chemicals can be found in many household products and are damaging to both people’s heath and the environment.

Water: We support efforts to improve water quality and quantity.  Idaho’s industries should thrive while adhering to appropriate environmental restrictions that protect communities and nature.

We’ll be outlining Conservation Priorities for the 2019 Idaho Legislative Session Early Next Year