In the Statehouse

Advancing and protecting conservation policy in the Idaho Legislature.

Every year, the Idaho Legislature convenes at the Statehouse. Conservation Voters for Idaho is there every step of the way to defend bedrock conservation policy, protect Idahoans voting rights, and advance pro-conservation legislation. We educate and lobby legislators, inform and mobilize Idahoans to take action, and ensure our issues of protecting clean air and water, public lands and open space, and Idaho’s thriving democracy are being advanced.

Learn more about the 2023 legislative session here.

CVI staff member testifying in front of a legislative committee
Advancing conservation policy

CVI has a variety of issues and policies we engage on throughout the year. We make sure those issues are well represented in the Idaho Legislature by working with our pro-conservation candidates and mobilizing support to advance conservation legislation.

People sitting in the Senate gallery section
Defending against attacks

Unfortunately, every year we see increasing attacks on Idaho’s public lands, clean air and water, and thriving democracy. We make sure we fight bad policy through public education, lobbying efforts, and citizen advocacy.

Two staff members on the phone
Mobilizing Idahoans

Every session, CVI informs thousands of Idahoans on actions being taken in the Idaho Statehouse and then connect them to their representative to support or oppose important initiatives.

Stay in the know.

Legislation in the Statehouse moves fast. Be the first to know when key legislation pops up, how you can take action when it matters the most, and the ins and outs of what’s shaking at the Capitol. 

Help us hold our legislators accountable. 

Follow the activity of bills during the legislative session with our 2023 Bill Tracker.

Legislative News

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Legislative Priorities

We work to protect and advance a variety of issues in the Statehouse. Learn more about our policy priorities.

Idaho state capitol building with snow

Protect Public Lands

Idaho’s 34.5 million acres of national public lands are a shared resource, treasured for their access to recreation, hunting, fishing as well as their importance to local economies. We work to expand and protect public land access, fight against attacks on our public lands, and support Idaho's growing outdoor recreation economy.

Securing Idaho’s Clean Energy Future

Idaho is flush with clean, renewable energy resource potential including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass. We work to advance policies that expand renewable energy and gives Idahoans the ability to power their homes with clean, local energy and fuel their vehicles with wind and solar power.

Create a More Balanced Transportation System

Transportation directly affects the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the safety of Idahoans as they travel throughout the state. In the legislature, we advocate for better access to more diverse transportation options, including bike routes, pedestrian paths, and public transportation.

Protect and Invest in Idaho’s Clean Water, Healthy Forests, and Wildlife

Idaho’s natural resources are its biggest economic asset – an asset which needs to be invested in and protected. We make sure to protect conservation dollars for our state parks and lands, outdoor recreation opportunities, and wildlife management.

Healthy Families and Communities

Every day we are unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals. These dangerous substances are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the products we use. We work to advance legislation that removes harmful chemicals from our communities in order to protect our families, emergency responders, and agricultural workers.

Make Voting Easy & Accessible and Ensure Elections are Fair & Transparent

In order to create a healthy democracy, everyone must have equitable access to the ballot box. We make sure politicians aren't restricting your right to vote or participate in our democracy, like the ballot initiative.