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Priority Legislation

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What: House Bill H761 rewrites our current election process in several ways, including removal of same-day registration for local elections. It also adds requirements to show your citizenship on top of other voter ID requirements, and removes several voter ID options such as student IDs and affidavits. This bill also sets limitations for military personnel overseas to vote in their local elections.

CVI’s Take: OPPOSE. This bill completely overhauls our current secure election system, pushing out solutions to problems we don’t have. With the emergency clause included in this legislation, the ability for Idahoans to participate in the upcoming election in May is in jeopardy. This election is where Idahoans will decide the top candidates for the Governor’s race and all 105 legislative races. These bureaucratic hurdles are unnecessary and have a detrimental impact on Idahoans’ access to voting. 

Status: sent back to Committee.

Take Action: Ask your representatives to vote NO on H692.

What: House Bill H693 would make the use of drop-off boxes for absentee ballots illegal for use during elections.

CVI’s Take: OPPOSE. This bill limits Idahoans’ voting options, severely impacting rural voters and working families. Idaho’s drop boxes are a safe, secure, and convenient way for voters to cast their ballot. Ballot drop boxes are waterproof, tamper-proof, kept locked and are regularly emptied by election official staff. Removing them hurts voters who rely on a convenient option for delivering a ballot. 

Status: passed the House; waiting a hearing in the Senate.

Take Action: Ask your representatives to vote NO on H693.

What: Senate Bill S1319 creates an exception in school bus contract limits to allow school buses purchased and operated with funds from the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 to exceed five years. This allows electric school buses to be considered for school fleets.

CVI’s Take: SUPPORT. By creating this exception, Idaho school districts can add electric school buses to their fleets at significantly-less cost, reducing overall expenses, improving air quality, and drastically improving the health of students that use the buses for transportation.

Status: waiting for a hearing in House Education Committee.

What: House Bill H660 creates an Idaho Energy Conservation Code and prohibits local governmental entities from adopting any energy codes that differ from or are more extensive than the requirements of the new code.

CVI’s Take: OPPOSE. This legislation would force many communities in Idaho to reverse their efforts to convert to clean energy and reduce their energy consumption, in order to realign with the less-beneficial state standard.

Status: waiting a hearing in the Senate.

What: House Bill H614 adopts international and national building codes into Idaho law, including plumbing, fuel gas, energy conservation, and electricity. These codes were developed in 2017 and 2018. 

CVI’s Take: OPPOSE. Similar to H660, this bill would impact communities who have worked to improve their building codes to reduce energy consumption by requiring them to reverse their codes to a less-effective standard.

Status: waiting a hearing in the Senate.

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