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Tell Your State Senator: Vote NO on HB 162

On Monday, March 11th, the Senate Resources Committee voted unanimously to send H 162 – the Federal Lands Council Bill – to the drawing board for amendments. We need keep up the pressure. Send an email to the State Senate to let them know we won’t quit until H 162 is no longer a threat to our public lands. We need one final push to stop this thing.

Defend Our Democracy

To protect our environment, we need to protect our democracy. Senate Bill 1159 would destroy Idaho’s citizen-led ballot initiative process, making it almost impossible for everyday Idahoans to have a part in creating laws.

Email your state senator to urge them to do EVERYTHING they can to stop this bill.

Clean Energy For All

Show your support for moving Idaho towards a renewable energy future that brings jobs, grows the economy, protects our land and air, and gives Idahoans the power to choose clean energy solutions.

Get Toxic Chemicals Off Retail Shelves

It’s time Albertsons put the interests of our families’ and friends’ wellbeing first and took steps to improve their company chemical policy and get products with toxic chemicals out of their stores.