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Protect Idaho’s Public Lands

Thousands of Idahoans access public lands each year to hunt, fish, hike, camp, climb, ski, and more. Sign our petition to tell policymakers that these places are a vital part of Idaho’s heritage that should be passed on to future generations.

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Clean Energy For All

Show your support for moving Idaho towards a renewable energy future that brings jobs, grows the economy, protects our land and air, and gives Idahoans the power to choose clean energy solutions.

Get Toxic Chemicals Off Retail Shelves

It’s time Albertsons put the interests of our families’ and friends’ wellbeing first and took steps to improve their company chemical policy and get products with toxic chemicals out of their stores.

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Save the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

The US Congress must renew one of the most effective funding mechanisms for maintaining our public lands, water and recreation areas – from national parks, to city parks, to zoos, to boat docks and much, much more. The LWCF is crucial to conservation projects throughout Idaho. Sign our petition to urge congressional leaders to save the LWCF before it’s too late.