For Idaho, much is at stake

By Courtney Washburn, Executive Director

So much energy is caught up in national politics, but the races that really matter to our quality of life are decided much closer to home. They’re the ones right here in Idaho.

This November we’ve got the chance to make a choice on the ticket that will affect every day Idahoans and our families, from state legislators to county commissioners.

plastic_bags_trees2_webSince the last general election, Idaho politicians have passed bills that threaten our unique way of life while taking away the rights of Idaho citizens to make their communities better places to live. From stopping local leaders from banning plastic bags to bringing biking and walking trails to a halt, the bills they passed worked against people who wish to make their communities better.

What has became painfully obvious is we need better elected officials.

Conservation Voters for Idaho has endorsed candidates throughout the state who will work to make Idaho a better place to live, work and raise a family. You can see the list by going here:

Candidates Endorsed by CVI

On Nov. 8, we’ll decide whether Idaho should be on a path to a brighter future. I hope you’ll join me in voting for local leaders who will protect our quality of life and ensure that future generations have clean air and water and public lands to enjoy.

Bike on the asphalt path illuminated by sun.