Five scary facts to get you to the polls on Nov. 5

It’s Halloween and, to us, there’s nothing scarier than not voting in your local election! Although local elections have the most impact on our day-to-day lives, voter turn-out is frighteningly low – here are just a few spooky reasons why to head to the polls this upcoming Election Day.

  1. Local officials like city council members have the power to approve massive developments that can threaten open space and the outdoor opportunities that those lands offer. For instance, the Avimor development approved by the Eagle City Council has replaced open space with high-end housing that permanently changed the local landscape.
  2. If you don’t vote, other voters will decide who represents you and what issues they will tackle once elected to office. Elected officials pay attention to constituents who vote. If you’re not voting, your voice isn’t being counted. Although elected officials are elected to represent all of their constituents, unfortunately we know this isn’t usually the case. Your voice is crucial in shaping the political landscape elected officials see in front of them.
  3. If we don’t maintain a strong conservation voice at the ballot box, the progress we’ve made to make our local communities better places to work, live and raise a family could be in jeopardy. For instance, Boise’s commitment to 100 percent clean energy by 2035 could be reversed, leaving our capital city dependent on energy sources that endanger our children and grandchildren’s future.
  4. There is literally a candidate for mayor who is running on a platform of trashing Boise…starting with our local parks.
  5. A bad decision by local elected officials could negatively impact the value of your home, the quality of your life or even your commute into work. Local politicians have a significant impact on our daily lives. Electing the wrong people to office (or, by choosing not to vote, allowing others to make that decision for you) could cause significant and long lasting problems in our community.