Energy Standards to Remain in Idaho Building Code

Feb. 10, 2020 – From window insulation to mold prevention, energy standards ensure that new homes are safe for Idahoans. Last week, some politicians in the Idaho House Commerce and Human Resources Committee tried to remove these energy standards from Idaho’s building codes. Their actions were swiftly beaten back by Idahoans from across the state who contacted their legislator urging them to keep the codes as they are. 

As well as enforcing safety standards, energy-efficiency saves homeowners money on their utility bills, increases the durability of their home, and even better prepares us for natural disasters. Removing these standards would have put Idaho families at risk.

Idaho codes have been developed with extensive input from stakeholders and were signed off on by Idaho Energy Code Collaborative, Structural Engineers Association of Idaho, Idaho Building Contractors Association, National Association of Remodelers of Idaho, Idaho Association of Building Officials, Idaho Associated General Contractors, American Institute of Architects Idaho, Association of Idaho Cities, Idaho Association of Counties, and Division of Building Safety. Thank you!

Dozens of you reached out to your legislators by phone, email, and text to express your support for keeping energy standards in our building codes. With your encouragement, Senate Business passed the building codes in full. Energy standards will stay in Idaho building codes. These rules are highly technical and the rules process is complex, so we appreciate those of you who were able to take the time to research and understand this issue and contact your legislator. Our team made over 3,500 calls to voters about this issue. Nearly 100 of you sent in emails to the Committee in support of energy codes.

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