CVI welcomes Antonio Hernandez to the team

Conservation Voters for Idaho is happy to introduce our Voting Rights Associate Antonio Hernandez. Antonio will work to protect and expand voting, ensuring elections are fair and equitable while empowering Idahoans with voter education in our dynamic democracy.

Antonio grew up Nampa, ID, a place his family has called home for over 28 years. While Antonio shares his family’s enthusiasm for camping, hunting and fishing, Antonio’s passion for Idaho’s landscape lies in the incredible sight of Idaho’s star studded skies. Even from his childhood home Antonio looked up at the night sky and felt like he was watching the best show on earth. If you are a fellow stargazer, you may be able to find him at one of his favorite places for seeing the night sky: Bruneau Dunes State Park.

As he kept his sights aimed high, Antonio went on to be the first person in his family to graduate with a college degree. Even though hard work plays an important role, Antonio knows this accomplishment could not have been achieved without the support of his family, mentors and community leaders. Antonio has learned the importance of community support as one of the best ways to help people thrive.

When it comes to bringing people together, Antonio says he is more than ready. His secret weapon? Good food and good conversation. Antonio learned from his grandmother food is more than just fuel. Food can tell our story and bring people together to enjoy common ground. After graduating from college, Antonio traveled all over the U.S. and discovered cuisines with origins across the globe. Besides learning that people like to eat, Antonio learned that when people come to the table it can be an opportunity to share stories and create common bonds.

Creating common bonds has been a driving theme in Antonio’s advocacy work  for the rights of all members of our communities. Before joining CVI, Antonio worked as a paralegal at a law firm. Antonio believes in working directly with members of the community to help them navigate through complex state and federal policies. Through volunteer work with local community organizations, Antonio learned about Conservation Voters for Idaho and its commitment to protect Idaho’s environment and quality of life by informing, engaging and empowering citizens who care about our natural heritage and healthy communities. As a voting rights associate, Antonio will help empower our communities, ensuring that we have a strong and resilient democracy where every Idahoan has equal access to the ballot box.

We are excited about bringing Antonio on board as a voting rights associate and we are eager to get this critical program started.