Dear Valued CVI Supporter,

Our top priority is protecting the health and safety of our staff members and our Idaho community. Beginning today, Monday, March 16, Conservation Voters for Idaho will be closing our Boise office and asking our staff to work remotely.

We will continue to work hard to protect your outdoor heritage, clean air and water, and democracy. Our team is diligently monitoring how the coronavirus will impact local elections here at home and how we can support our elected leaders as we all navigate this situation together.

As we write this today, the Idaho Legislature is still open, introducing and voting on non-emergency bills. We believe this is shortsighted and places hundreds of Idahoans at risk. The Legislature needs to adjourn now and focus on our most immediate need: ensuring the continued safety and health of Idahoans everywhere.

We are also committed to exploring ways in which Idaho has the proper precautions in place to ensure our upcoming primary election in May – and our 2020 census outreach work – is accessible to all while keeping everyone safe.

Two states, Louisiana and Georgia, have already postponed their presidential primary elections. We must prepare ahead of time to ensure all Idahoans have access to voting by emphasizing absentee ballots.

Most importantly, we are examining how we can utilize our internal resources, such as our voter outreach team, to best help our community during this time to connect Idahoans to the proper resources and assistance programs. We hope to have more information on this soon.

Idahoans are well-known for coming together, rolling up our sleeves, and finding creative solutions to our most pressing problems. Although this situation is unprecedented, we have no doubt our community will take care of each other and continue to lead the nation in finding innovative solutions to ensure we all get through this together.

Now more than ever, we can find solace in our outdoor spaces to help protect our mental well-being. Of course, we encourage you to practice the necessary precautions when stepping outside (six feet away from others on the trail) and to be especially cautious in our most vulnerable communities.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions during this time. You can reply to this email or reach out to

Additional Resources

Please stay safe and follow all necessary precautions during this unprecedented time.

As always, thank you for being a continued supporter of CVI.


For Idaho,

Rialin Flores

Acting Executive Director