Conservation wins in Ada County Highway District Races


Idaho voters take to the polls to elect pro-conservation candidates

Two pro-conservation candidates — Miranda Gold and Kent Goldthorpe — won races in the Nov. 8 General Election for Ada County Highway District (ACHD), the governing body that oversees transportation needs across Ada County. 

Both Gold and Goldthorpe were endorsed by Conservation Voters for Idaho (CVI) for their strong policies on clean air, safe walking paths and handling congestion. 

“In supporting these candidates, CVI advocates for the implementation of ambitious and proactive policies to protect clean air, as well as pursuing millions in federal funding opportunities to help manage growth, and build a transportation system that supports the bike and pedestrian infrastructure for Ada County,” said CVI Executive Director, Rialin Flores.

ACHD has the third-largest local budget in the state and controls nearly all roads in one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation. Despite this, these nonpartisan races have a history of being won by a handful of votes. 

In 2020, ACHD Commissioner Alexis Pickering won her seat by only four votes over incumbent Rebecca Arnold. 

Flores noted that these wins, along with past victories by Jim Hansen and Alexis Pickering, have created an ACHD led by strong conservation champions. 

“The complete reshaping of ACHD’s leadership the last few years has made it abundantly clear that Ada County residents don’t want to just keep adding more lanes to unwalkable roads. We want accessible options for pedestrians and cyclists that prioritize our clean air and make transportation safer for everyone,” Flores said. 

About Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund

Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund is the political arm of Conservation Voters for Idaho and works to elect conservation champions at the city, county and state levels to protect Idaho’s air, land, wildlife and water. We leverage our political power to elect public officials who value conservation, regardless of their party affiliation. Our funding comes from people who care about the environment and our natural heritage.