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Building Idaho's clean energy future

Conservation Voters for Idaho is working to achieve net-zero emissions in an equitable way that benefits all Idaho communities. As clean energy costs fall and public approval increases, the greatest block to widespread implementation of clean energy is no longer technological or economic, but institutional and political. With our partners, Conservation Voters for Idaho has been successful in working with Idaho utilities, counties, and cities to make clean energy commitments. But, our work isn’t over yet! We’re committed to ensure every Idaho community builds a clean energy plan.

Climate action doesn’t just stop there. Conservation Voters for Idaho also works to defend Idaho energy codes, climate science in our schools, net metering, and other issues that will help us mitigate the impacts of climate change. Every community has unique equity, economic, and environmental considerations. We’re committed to supporting the climate and energy solutions that fit each community’s individual needs.

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Elect candidates who will advance clean energy

Every election cycle, we work to endorse and elect conservation candidates who want to advance climate solutions, such as committing to 100% clean energy for their community.

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Work with communities to tackle climate solutions

We closely work with local elected officials, utilities, the public, and other stakeholders to implement climate solutions and ensure policies equitably benefit all citizens, especially those most impacted by climate change and pollution.

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Defend conservation policies

From protecting climate science in Idaho’s educational science standards to defending energy building codes, we work hard to ensure hardly-fought conservation policies remain in place.

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Support Clean Energy for All

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Idaho's Clean Energy Future

Momentum for Idaho’s clean energy future is building! Over ten Idaho communities, counties, and utilities have made 100% clean energy commitments. Find out if you live in a community committed to 100% clean energy in the interactive map below. 

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