CVI supported the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), two historic investments in clean energy and climate action. This funding supports infrastructure improvements, new technologies, and increasing resilience; it is integral to climate action at all levels.

The EPA’s Clean School Bus Program helps school districts across the country transition their fleets. CVI connects school districts with the resources they need to apply.

CVI monitors funding opportunities for workforce training and development programs to support Idaho’s clean energy industry and notifies eligible entities about these opportunities.


CVI builds relationships with our elected officials to advocate for sound climate policies, and holds lawmakers accountable by mobilizing Idaho voters on behalf of both beneficial or harmful legislation.

CVI collaborates with Idaho’s Office of Energy and Mineral Resources to ensure state agencies have access to federal funding. CVI also works with partners to ensure the state’s priorities include energy efficiency.

CVI works with industry partners to advance multi-modal transportation options that reduce emissions generated by the transportation sector. CVI supports the expansion of public transportation infrastructure throughout Idaho, including the pursuit of passenger rail in key corridors and utilizing the Lift Local option tax to fund public transit.

CVI supported the Idaho LAUNCH scholarship program and encourages students to pursue careers that will help build out Idaho’s clean energy economy.

CVI collaborates with partners to support renewable energy and transmission siting research projects, including polling for public opinion and policy research to determine opportunities and their feasibility in Idaho communities.


¾ of Idahoans are covered by a clean energy commitment by either their city government or their electric utility. CVI helps communities put together their climate commitments to best address their assets and their needs.

CVI supported passing Boise’s Modern Zoning Code by educating Boiseans and driving public input. The Modern Zoning Code rewrite will help guide responsible growth by creating efficiency incentives that lower utility costs, protect our open spaces, increase walkability, and lower our community emissions.

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CVI supports Tribal-led energy initiatives by connecting tribal communities with funding resources, participating in climate partner education efforts, and supporting the removal of the Four Lower Snake River Dams.

CVI works with Idaho Power and the Public Utilities Commission to support the “Clean Energy Your Way” program and the expansion of accessible options for renewables.

CVI provides resources to teachers and school board members about funding for energy efficiency measures. We connect partners to teach students and faculty about easy ways to be more energy efficient and to ensure that the state’s priorities include energy efficiency in schools.

CVI advocates for multi-modal forms of transportation to reduce emissions, including expanding infrastructure within Idaho communities necessary to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

CVI supports the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, especially in places where it will benefit local economies through tourism.


CVI monitors rebate opportunities from the federal government that will make it more accessible for individuals to purchase electric vehicles. CVI educates Idahoans about the federal funding that they are eligible to apply for to support clean energy measures. The IIJA and the IRA have rebates for energy efficiency in households, and there will soon be rebates for purchasing electric vehicles.

CVI joins partner organizations in providing community education through events and outreach, including the statehouse’s annual Energy Freedom Education Day. 

CVI makes it easy for you to contact your representatives about the latest climate, energy, and conservation priorities so your voice can be heard.

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Idaho's Clean Energy Future

Momentum for Idaho’s clean energy future is building! Over ten Idaho communities, counties, and utilities have made 100% clean energy commitments. Find out if you live in a community committed to 100% clean energy in the interactive map below. 

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