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At the center of real action for conservation is ensuring that our democracy works for and represents ALL people, not just the privileged few. Participating in our democracy is a challenge for many Idahoans, particularly those from underrepresented communities. Conservation Voters for Idaho is dedicated to protecting access to the ballot box, registering Idahoans to vote, providing nonpartisan and bilingual voting information and resources, and expanding voting rights for all Idahoans.

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Registering Voters

CVI works year-round to register and inform new voters, particularly focusing on traditionally underrepresented populations like Idaho’s Latinx communities and younger generations.

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Expanding Voter Access

We work to ensure Idahoans have access to the ballot by removing barriers to the voting box, providing bilingual voting materials, and protecting Idahoans voting rights during the legislative session.

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Ensuring Fair Representation

We ensure Idahoans are fairly represented by participating in key moments that form political boundaries such as the U.S. Census and redistricting.

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Learn more about Idaho's redistricting process

Redistricting is our once-in-a-decade opportunity to draw new district lines that give each of our votes equal weight and each of our communities access to equal resources that determine funds for schools, hospitals, and other essential services. It’s going to take all of us to ensure our districts remain fair and balanced. ensure our districts remain fair and balanced. 

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What does conservation have to do with voting?

A lot, actually. The fight to protect Idaho’s clean air and water and vast outdoor spaces depend on a functioning, representative democracy. Ensuring that our democracy is inclusive and accountable to all communities, especially those most impacted by environmental pollution and lack of access to green spaces, is critical to advancing conservation solutions. 

Participating in our democracy is currently a challenge to many Idahoans. We work to ensure all Idahoans, especially those from underrepresented communities, learn about the decision-making process, have the resources they need to vote, and cultivate opportunities to participate and contribute to the improvement of one’s neighborhood, community, and state. 

Why Should I Vote?

Voting in local elections has an enormous impact on your day-to-day life. Read more about why participating in local and state elections can make a huge difference for your community.

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Register to Vote

Check your registration before every election to make sure you can vote. In Idaho, you need to re-register to vote if you haven’t voted in the last four years.
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