Help us welcome our newest team member

The conservation community sees challenges in the future.

Fortunately, we will face those challenges with some of the state’s best talent in a quest to make Idaho a better place to live.

It’s the need for talented individuals that I’m thrilled to welcome Avery Roberts as CVI’s Community Engagement Associate. Avery grew up in Lewiston, practically on the banks of the Snake River just downstream of Hells Canyon. Her family valued hiking, hunting, fishing and camping on Idaho’s public lands. In fact, she got her name from the town Avery, Idaho, after her father went elk hunting on public land near that community.

Avery graduated from Boise State and now she’s working on her Masters of Public Administration. She’s very excited to join our team and we’re excited to have her.

Her job is a big one. She is responsible for organizing members and volunteers and recruiting the public to become more involved in conservation issues to bring about positive local and statewide conservation political change.

That’s no small feat, but for a woman who is just as comfortable in Hells Canyon as she is in graduate school, I’m confident she’ll get the job done.

Our team is ready to go. We have a lot of heavy lifting to do in the near future. Don’t forget, the Idaho Legislative Session begins in 26 days.

With so much happening in such a short period of time, we are all delighted to have Avery on board.


Courtney Washburn

CVI Executive Director