Boise Votes Yes

Landslide win at 74%.

Boise voters approved a two-year, temporary override levy to protect open space and support improvement projects in areas like the Boise Foothills and the Boise River. We are celebrating the vote as a victory for conservation and Boise’s quality of life.

Over a decade ago, in what was a groundbreaking vote, Boise voters approved $10 million for conservation and land protection in Boise’s Foothills. This year, an overwhelming majority of Boise voters approved the extension of that initial investment continuing our community’s commitment to protecting clean water, conserving wildlife habitat, and keeping open space for recreation. It’s no accident that Boise is such a special place to live, and now we have the ability to protect and enhance even more open space throughout the community.

Boise has a strong history of protecting open space and that legacy will continue on. Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who knocked on doors and made phone calls on behalf of the measure and the generous donors and supporters of the campaign. I am overwhelmed by the support we for for conservation in Boise.