Boise's Climate leadership

City of Boise Creates Bold Climate Plan

Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Lauren McLean, the Boise City Council and the Climate Action Division, the City of Trees is becoming the City of Climate Action. 

Passed in June 2021, the Climate Action Roadmap is a wide-ranging plan with comprehensive initiatives in 23 focus areas, including clean heat, distributed renewable energy, urban tree canopy improvements, water resilience and conservation, ecosystem protections, EVs, and energy efficiency projects.  

This plan addresses both emissions reductions and community resilience, and centers all actions on the priorities of advancing equity, improving human health and wellness, and growing the climate economy.

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Support Boise's Climate Action Roadmap

We believe it is important to both hold elected officials accountable and thank them for following the will of voters. If you live in Boise, please join us in thanking Mayor McLean and the City of Boise for leading on climate action.

Aerial shot of Boise foothills with city in background