Meet the 2023 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Mentors


Tamara Harmon

Tamara Harmon has lived in the Twin Falls area her whole life. After attending school at the College of Southern Idaho she got married and had a couple kids. When her youngest started school she started a job at the CSI Foundation and discovered a passion for nonprofit work. She spent 9 years working for CSI and then transitioned over to be the Executive Director of the Wellness Tree Community Clinic where she has been since 2020. She has an MBA from Western Governor’s University. 

Tamara has a passion for people and her community and dreams of joining politics someday to help make the country fair and just for everyone in it. She applied for the fellowship program in 2022 to gain skills and learn about community engagement in that area. She learned how to balance living authentically with connecting in a conservative, traditional community. Tamara loves hanging out with her two teenagers and her dad.

She loves traveling, listening to live music, planning and hosting gatherings of all sizes, getting outside (when it’s warm) and tucking in to read a great book (when it’s cold.) She loves people and loves to learn new things about people, especially ones that are completely different from her.