Meet the 2023 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Cohort 


Sharayah Sherry

Sharayah Sherry is a Commercial Photographer who manages a photo studio for Scentsy Inc. in her home town of Boise, Idaho. Although she is a photographer, she has always been passionate about education reform and leadership. In 2022, she received her Masters of Art in Educational Leadership from Boise State University. Having recently graduated, she realized her knowledge would lay dormant unless she could find ways to become involved where she could best serve her community. Sharayah applied to the program because she realized her lack of knowledge in political science would hinder her future advocacy for future educational reform. She is eager to learn how to break down the walls and barriers that hold her back from having a political voice. In her spare time, Sharayah loves to read, ballroom dance, play board/video games, solo travel to foreign countries, and nerd out on lighting.