Meet the 2023 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Cohort


KC Crockett

KC Crockett was born and raised in Portland Oregon. He moved to San Fernando Valley when he was 15 and moved to the beautiful state of Idaho back in 2006. He wants to continue to see his community grow and be involved in changes that can help Idaho be more inclusive. KC is a people person and has created a network of great friends and great people around him. He loves to listen to others stories and learn from them. 

KC is a proud dad of 3 beautiful kids that have helped him create some amazing memories in this great state like sledding, swimming, and camping. He’s been involved in his HOA as a board member, helping homeowners’ voices get heard. He has also been involved in community activities like the Boise soul food festival and truly enjoys meeting and helping others. 

When he walks in a room his goal is to brighten up the place and make people smile. He wants his voice heard and wants the same for others.