Meet the 2022 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Mentors


Salome Mwangi

Salome Mwangi is a Kenyan-born American woman, who relocated to the US via the refugee resettlement route.  She raised her daughter as a single parent with plenty of support from those around her, who have taught her how to be a mother to her American child! She learned how to swim in a culture that is very different from her own when she thought that she would drown in the ensuing confusion. And she now is modeling for others how to choose to successfully swim in similar waters. 

Salome is a gifted speaker and writer and enjoys singing, especially when no one is listening. She enjoys cooking and discovering new recipes and trying them out with loved ones. She delights in creative ventures. 

Salome enjoys mediating conversations and relationships to support others. 

She delights in exploratory learning and doing presentations and training sessions on cultures and how they hold us back or set us free to be ourselves as we live life together. This eventually led Salome to becoming a TEDx Boise speaker in 2020. 

She is at her best when sitting with friends, both old and new, unpacking our lives, creating oasis’ of belonging for all of us. She chose to be a mentor so that she can encourage and support the fellows as they influence and change their communities, one life at a time.