Meet the 2022 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Mentors


Jenna Thompson

Jenna Thompson currently resides in her hometown, Pocatello, Idaho. Jenna earned both her Bachelors and Masters of Social Work from Idaho State University and Boise State University respectively. As a Licensed Clinical Social worker, Jenna serves as the Child Welfare Scholars Coordinator for Idaho State University, Social Work Instructor, and is a practicing psychotherapist. Her work has been focused in areas of trauma-informed care in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, Department of Veteran Affairs, and provision of teletherapy services with a goal of increasing access to mental health care in Idaho. Throughout her career, providing ethical services through a lens of cultural humility, advocating for client’s diverse needs, and seeking to confront oppressive systems has been a priority in her work. Additionally, Jenna currently serves as chairperson of the City of Pocatello’s Human Relations Advisory Committee whose mission is to advance human rights and promote safe space for all residents of Pocatello. Through this work, Jenna became interested in being a mentor for the Boards and Commissions Fellowship Program to provide support for and reduce barriers to LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and women holding public positions and appointments in the state of Idaho. Idaho is a diverse state, and giving diverse voices a seat at the table is an asset to all.