Meet the 2022 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Mentors


Griselda Camacho

Griselda Camacho was born in Nayarit, Mexico and has been living in the state of Idaho with her family for almost 20 years. She has a degree in Social Work and has been working in diverse roles within the field for over thirty years.

Her work includes working on projects that involve community development, leadership and capacity building, and program implementation. In the last 17 years, Griselda has worked extensively in engaging Latinx families who have a child or adult with disabilities in accessing supportive services. In 2017, her work and leadership were recognized by the Community Partnerships of Idaho, who awarded her the Commitment to Community Award. As the founder of Aprendiendo Together, Griselda has mobilized a group of women, also known as las Señoras to learn about disabilities and advocacy. Las Señoras with the help of the Council on Developmental Disabilities, Medicaid Matters, and other partnerships have hosted three conferences. Approximately 300 participants attended the most recent conference that was held statewide.

In addition, to hosting conferences, some of las Señoras have done educational visits with legislators to raise awareness of the barriers and needs of the Latinx communities with disabilities. Griselda is passionate about serving others and reducing the barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing supportive services.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, and serving as an interpreter for others who are in need. Griselda hopes to continue to be able to help her community in accessing quality services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.